Web application vs website

In Grammik, facing the Internet as the main stage projection and communication for a company or organization. Having overtaken the outdated logic of web flyer on websites. We started to develop Internet applications for our clients based protocol in UX design and web development. Our principles in the design is functional design, attractive content and interactivity. Each of our website is an online application, able to work on all computers and mobile devices, newsletters campaigns, users management, video backgrounds, geo location and despite many are part of functions of a production web.

Mobile responsive design

With the foundations of Responsive & and UX design, the Grammik develops websites – web applications able to meet the small screens of mobile phones or tablets. Through the logic customer has a fully functional site in modern devices.

Safety and speed

A web app has safeguards in order to ensure smooth running of online presence. Each web application consists of databases, products or features, management platforms and of course the front end UI is the site. All this should ensure that they operate smoothly, quickly and safely. In Grammik in all our applications add security modules and perform performance tests before final delivery.