Travel Marketing

Twitter is an incredibly popular platform for travel networking. It’s especially favoured by the travel blogging community and frequently used by travel companies to build loyalty and increase their customer base. Airlines in particular have encouraged followers with special Twitter deals for the followers.

If your company is just getting started on Twitter or you feel your brand needs a Twitter refresh here are a few pointers to make sure your profile is set up correctly and you are making the most of this fast moving social channel.

Web design

Everyone working in travel knows the importance of photography. Travel is a very visual medium and great photography inspires people to visit destinations. It’s not surprising that the last few years have seen a growing trend of large images being incorporated into travel website design.

Images used in this way can really make an impression and underline the message of a brand. We take a look at some great examples of travel brands getting it right, and also look at some of the pitfalls to avoid in this type of design.