Web design agency

Initially, we started with web design service, the plan was to build a well based digital design firm. Our philosophy is simplicity &strong content architecture. Our ingredients were cms, graphic design, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Marketing & advertising company

With many clients and expertise in everything digital, we learned the web dynamics and started digital marketing integration with our services. Content management and hashtags plans were our principals and the beginning.

Creative agency

We emphasise to visual communication, creativity is in our ethics, we want to make web brands and visual web works. Graphics and icons simplify the communication and user experience. Visual language is the most important part of our work.

Web development studio

Our work and experience, canalised us to invest in development of web and mobile apps. We turn your idea into a profitable business through Grammikwebapps. Creative applications are in blueprints or for sale, like Nest.


What we do

E commerce strategy

Grammik is designed from the ground-up to support and enhance the sales of trade business, companies and professionals. Like every business, every e shop has a different purpose and objective. All projects we work on, start with careful e commerce planning to find out how you can boost your sales. We have the knowledge and expertise to design wonderful e shops that really represents your brand and your customers’ needs.

Digital strategy

You want your investment in web to be a success. It’s important to think about digital strategy and how to get profitable results. Grammik is a team of digital strategists who specialises how your business can be successful online. We have the tools and experience to enhance your sales or your digital identity. A successful digital strategy starts with web research.First step is to understand your market and competitors and second to analyse everything about you.


Social media development

Social media a way of communicating and reaching out to customers. Our social media management often comes hand in hand with our SEO and web marketing campaigns (ex. facebook campaigns or pinterest products promotions). We create strong content specially for facebook, twitter or google plus, we design visuals like facebook covers or images for every post. The target is to make a buzz of your brand. Afterwards of designing and developing social accounts is the management your social media strategy and data mining.


Web design

We start with mapping out the intended goals for your user base, next we create a plan of flow cards for your website,app or software. Creative process is in all of our project from brochure websites to web applications like social media, crm, cloud integrations, e commerce elements. Our creative team will make your business and transform it a web viral brand for desktop and mobile devices. Design, ergonomic user interface are our principals. When we create your designs we’ll give you access to them online so you can show them off and provide us with any feedback.


App development

We love code, combined with creative project of application development. Our talented team of development turning your idea into digital reality. A detailed specification of each project is the beginning in our work, so you can know exactly what to expect. Using the latest technology of web and mobile development, you can be sure that our offer is a the cutting edge of web development. By using elements such HTML 5, Ruby on rails or javascripts frameworks, we ensure that our clients are always at the forefront of the web world which in turn makes our products more engaging.


Mobile web

By 2015 more users will connect to the Internet over mobile devices (tablets, smartphones) than desktop PCs, so making sure you’re prepared for your users that browse and buy on mobile, should be part of your digital and marketing strategy. The rise in mobile internet usage has changed the way users interact with web and global brands are already leading the way in which they provide services to their customers with perfect UX and flawless design. First make sure that your website is optimised for mobile is to make it responsive. Responsive design and build means, when mobile users browse a website will fit the screen and users will be able to use it.


Visuals & content marketing

User experience is all about how users interact with your brand online. From branding, content, design to technical implementation – everything needs to work in perfect harmony. Done correctly and people will enjoy using your website and you will get better results. We think long and hard about the user experience so your users don’t have to. The SEO process combines both technical and creative processes to drive relevant visitors to your website.