The construction of an e-shop (online store) is a big step for acquiring new customers, expansion of business into new markets and natural increase revenue but also the extroversion enterprise. The construction of an e-shop can reduce the resource requirements across all business functions and thus reduce the costs borne by the enterprise, as well as to ensure the quality of services and products thereby enhancing the company’s name in the markets, local and
international, of the activity. The benefits of course are multiples and when you consider the investment should be made in these markets for physical presence of the business.

According meerefna University of Economics Athinonto electronic commerce in Greece moves to growth of 25% for the year 2013. 35% of Internet users in Greece (about 2.2ek) have at least one product market / service on-line, and provided that the € 3.2 billion annual turnover in 2013, may under certain circumstances be reached in the coming years the € 6 billion. The corresponding European market will reach € 350 billion with 70% of Internet users buy online.

Having regard to the above, the direction in digital entrepreneurship is no longer necessary. The internet is the tool for the activation of Greek businesses in foreign markets, with low cost and great benefits, with the e-shop is the basis of this activity.

Shopping on-line business in Greece in foreign markets, with low cost and great benefits, with the e-shop is the basis of this activity. Some of the advantages of an online store is the following:

E-commerce advantages for the company. As mentioned above, each company has online presence can expand its turnover by extending the geographical boundaries of the transaction. This means that any business that sells its products online can and savings customers in areas that are away from home, even abroad. In other words, each firm has an e-shop (online store) is like it has branches in many areas and with minimal operating costs. Any company that uses new technologies- such as Internet- is by definition more competitive, since it can be updated more easily on the current developments in the area. In other words, given that in a few years all commercial activities will be made through the Internet, e-commerce is the new big challenge for any company that wants to be competitive. Electronic transactions allow two-way relationship between business and consumer (interaction). This means that every company through electronic transactions can collect a lot of data on the habits, needs and consumer tastes and according to them to adjust its policy towards the positive. Finally, knowing the specific needs of their customers, companies can move to the creation of specific products or responding to a consumer or to a group of consumers who need a new product that is not yet on the market.