Ecommerce & greek local business

Some years ago the Greek market was structured in small and medium-sized businesses with a strong local clientele. Elements such as quality of service and customer service was unknown words for a local business.

Why a local business is not competitive?

Today the logic that a neighborhood shop or business that operates in a provincial town does not have the dynamic of competitiveness is now obsolete. The technology of the Internet, the maturation of the users H / Y as the universal acceptance of the enormous potential of the internet, now give an opportunity for local businesses to create a complete business application web site and enlarge your customer audience.

On the web all are equal

A eshop or a website not judged by whether the shop or commercial space is small or if it is in a mall. The success of an eshop judged by the correct UX design, the right content and prices. Therefore the digital business is considered solely from the correct web production and the right strategy.

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