The explosion in the spread of mobile web and smartphones & tablets, brought a boom in construction applications for mobile. Today every mobile user, installs a variety of applications in the device, a part of them still be useful? Worth a company to invest in the construction of mobile applications;

Mobile application vs Responsive web site

Many choose to invest in construction applications for mobiles and tablets, while their online presence is outdated and not mobile responsive.

What is mobile responsive;

With the concept mobile responsive meant the possibility of a web page to fit the small screens of mobile devices and is fully functional. Any website that is mobile responsive formed completely in a mobile web site, with different menu (usually) and complete content adaptation without losing the user experience.

First priority responsive web site

If you are in dilemma mobile application or a new web site, you must first determine the goals you have for your investment online. Note the mobile application serves different purposes from mobile responsive website. One application is a program to use someone must install the device and provide some useful functions. An application is useful when offering standard features that will attract and magnify a targeted audience. A responsive web site, is the core of a business and organization which must offer an interactive content with the user and is accessible from any device. Therefore the first priority in your online investment is manufacturing mobile responsive website

Choose what you want to make your application

Once you meet the right web presence needs and you are determined to invest in construction applications for mobiles and tablets, you must determine what you want to do. For example if you have a business focus, choose to create an application for online reservations or orders rather than playing your web presence.

Application for all platforms

The main concern in your investment in manufacturing applications, is the creation of application for the platforms, Android, iOS and Windows phone and of course for smartphones and tablets. So enlarge the target audience and prospective users of application.

Design UX

The key to success in manufacturing mobile application is the right design. The right user experience design is what will attract users not only to use the application but also to keep it installed on their device.

Wearables next step

The next step in mobile applications, is the design and development of applications for wearable devices, ie devices worn and adjusted on us. In Grammik already designing the first applications for wearables and specifically for Apple Watch.